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Rink Printing Company is an Authorized UL Label Supplier

"UL provides certification and follow-up services to manufacturers that can be identified by consumers through the use of the UL Mark on the product. Because the UL Mark is so important, manufacturers must submit a design layout of the UL Mark to a UL label center for review to verify that all required information is in an acceptable format. This must be done prior to reproduction of the UL Mark and prior to application of the Mark to eligible products. This advance review eliminates potential disruption in production due to an unacceptable UL Mark design. For more information on reproducing the UL Marks, refer to our document on printing UL Marks.

UL maintains a database of authorized label suppliers. These suppliers have signed an agreement with UL and are authorized by UL to print labels with the UL Mark. Only the suppliers shown in this database are authorized to print labels with the UL Mark. "

If you are a manufacturer of a UL certified product and need product labels, contact us.