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Comic FAQ

- Q: What is a self cover?

A: A self cover comic is when the cover and body are printed on the exact same stock, in other words, no cover weight for the cover.

- Q: In what file format should I send my pages?

A: We accept most file formats. Included are tiffs, jpgs, PDFs, or eps. Please verify that your size is correct for the size comic you are ordering and that you include the 1/8 inch bleed for all sides. For example if you are ordering a standard size comic, your document size should be 6.875 x 10.5, which will trim to 6.625 x 10.25. If any questions arise, please download one of our free templates at the main comic page.

- Q: What is your standard turn around time?

A: Saddle stitched comics are usually completed within 10 business days from the date your proof is approved. Trades and/or graphic novels can be completed within 15 business days from the date your proof is approved. Lithos/Prints/Posters can be completed within 7 business days from the date that we receive your print ready files.

Please make sure that your files are print ready. If your files are not complete (i.e. actual size with bleed, improper DPI, etc) you will receive notification explaining the issue we have with your files. You will then need to fix and re-submit your files to us, which may affect your production schedule.

Production schedule can be expedited at an increased cost. Contact Rink for more details.

- Q: How do I send my files to you?

A: The best way is to collect your images in a folder (named your comic, for instance “Rink Issue 1”). Once you have all your images in a folder, compress the folder using a compression program such as WinZip (PC) or StuffIt (MAC). Go to Click on the tab at the top named “COMICS”. Click on “Estimates/Order Forms” then click on the product you are ordering from the list. Fill in all information pertaining to your order such as quantity, stock type, etc. Then in the file upload click on the “Browse” button (“Choose File” for MAC users) and locate the compressed folder you want to send. Check the “I Agree” box if you have full permission and rights to print the material you are sending and then hit the “Send Request” Button. You can send up to 5 uploads per order but remember to keep each individual upload under 1 gig. Files over 1 gig will fail to send and you will need to redo the order.

Rink Does accept files on disc, but please still fill out the online order form. Once you have completed the form, make a note in the comment section stating that you are sending a print ready disc. If disc is not print ready you will receive notification of the issue we have with your files and you will need to fix and resubmit files.

Make sure to properly label or number each page. For example, the front cover should be named “Front Cover”, inside front cover as “Inside front cover” page 1 as “Page 1” and so on.

- Q: Is there a minimum order?

A: Yes. The minimum number of comics to order at a time is 300. The minimum number of trades is 300. Remember, this is a minimum number of units, the more units you order at a time, the lower your unit cost.

For lithos (prints) the minimum is $200.00 worth per order and each image must be ordered in quantities of 5. (Request estimate for cost breakdown)

- Q: How do you ship orders?

A: We ship using UPS/FedEx for small orders and Standard Freight Lines for larger orders.

- Q: Can you ship to Diamond or other comic book distributors?

A: Yes.

- Q: Do you charge for a hard proof?

A: Yes, please contact us for more information. PDF proofs are free but cannot be used to evaluate image quality or color. They are for content only.