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We love what we do. The passion we have for our work enables us to deliver the highest-quality products possible, and in a manner respecting the lives and properties of others, and the world we all share.

We're proud of the strong roots we've built in our community. We pride ourselves on being a good member of our community and will continue to look for ways to be of great value to whom all we work with, for and around.

Rink Printing Company Community & Sustainability Impact Statement

Rink Printing Company pledges to safeguard the reputation and integrity of its customers, the safety and welfare of its employees and vendors, and to be concerned with sustainability of the earth. This is based upon the belief that all of us, together, are partners and share in the respect and protection of the communities that we live in and the earth that we live upon. Rink Printing Company respects and practices customer privacy concerns, employee safety, energy-saving processes, minimal chemical usage, low VOC producing activities, and maximum recycling efforts.

Pulp-based papers contain fiber from well-managed, independently managed certified forests that support the Forestry Industries' commitment to sustainable forestry. Rink Printing Company acknowledges the value of reducing consumption of excess materials, diverting waste from landfills by finding alternatives such as re-use, donation and recycling, and proper disposal for all other items.

Reducing Consumption of all resources – Power, lights, water and similar resources are managed with the intent to consume as little as possible, to conserve and even stop consumption during times of reduced operations and downtime. Inks, toners, and material substrates are managed for maximum efficiencies with regard to required usage and waste generated by the manufacturing processes.

Recycled Content – The primary physical products used by the manufacturing processes are:

  • Water,
    • Water usage emphasizes conservation and minimal usage, keeping all water and water byproducts safe enough to be acceptable to, and be able to be reprocessed by, municipal treatment facilities. No runoff or discharge occurs directly into the environment.
  • Metals,
    • Metal products arrive at Rink Printing Company already processed as tooling and consists primarily as aluminum plates, and various die tooling made from Copper, Magnesium, and Bronze. Plates and tooling are reused as appropriate and are ultimately recycled completely when no longer viable for the production process. All metal tooling and other metals of note (machinery, wires, cables, metal from buildings/ ground scrap) are recycled with little or no disposal destined for the landfill.
  • Ink/Toners
    • All inks and toners are able to be recycled post-consumer, and are considered stable and inert if disposed of by landfill. Inks for the conventional offset print process are soy-based. Ink/Toner ingredients continue to be monitored in order to maintain best sustainability practices.
  • Paper/Synthetic substrates
    • Most substrates are post-consumer recyclable (and company emphasis will be to continue to seek out substrates that are in line with best practice for sustainability and recycling goals) All manufacturing substrate waste is recycled with the goal being nearly 100% of production waste content will be recycled.

Proper Disposal of all other items – In addition to the primary manufacturing waste and byproducts, all company waste generated by Rink Printing Company and other end-of-life products (Tools, Electronic Devices, Etc.) are first looked at as a candidate for re-use or recycling efforts first and foremost, before managed disposal.