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Print Embellishments

In addition to the basic usage of standard lithographic inks, LED UV inks and Digital Toners, many special colors and print treatments can be used on your print products: special hues, metallic inks and builds, dimensional clear and much more. Special coatings can be applied to impart a dull finish, satin finish, gloss finish and super high-gloss. We can even produce spot dull and gloss together for an especially interesting appearance.

The amazing amount of options that exist for print design and creation mean that the final product can convey just the type of presentation required for any scenario: does an item mail? Then, appropriate paper options are available. Should the final product be dazzling and supremely impressive? Then consider special stock, unique colors and coatings and specialty binding options. Let us know what you would like to accomplish and we will offer you the best ideas that we have.

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