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Kit Building

A Kit is two or more individual items that when combined, become more than the sum of their parts.

Marketing Kits are assembled containing a corporate brochure (who you are in general), perhaps bundled with Sales Literature and Case Studies to further clarify your message.

Sales Kits may contain overview information about your organization but then contain very specific Sales Literature targeted to resonate specifically with your target demographic (perhaps by age, buying power, previous purchases, etc.).

Promotional Kits may contain everything a retail or sales environment will need to run a special campaign: such as (1) Window Sign, (2) Wall Posters, (4) Tent Cards, (10) Rack Danglers and (500) Coupon Booklets. You get the idea.

Kit theory is a great complement to:


  • Marketing efforts,
  • Organizational Management (Unification of Materials and Scripted Standards)
  • ...and finished kits can be delivered to your facility, Mailed using our mail services or managed effectively with our Fulfillment.

Contact us and let us help you create a perfect kit.

Bring us your scenario, and we will design a great kit for you!

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