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South Bend, IN 46601

M-F 8:00-4:30

First Time Visitors (Please read)

Comics and comic related print items are produced by Rink Printing Company using the same equipment and technology used to produce premium marketing products for fortune 500 companies.

Rink Comics isn’t a division of Rink Printing, but rather our recognition that artists and comic book publishers benefit by having great premium print/binding options available to them for their art (technology, stock, production methods, finishings, coatings, binding choices, etc.); many more options than with most comic printers, and certainly much more so than their local copy shop.

This section of our primary website and several internal business processes have been specifically developed to facilitate artists and publishers to get premium print products, from us, easily.

Because everything runs through our high-end commercial plant, we want to clarify a few things. We are officially Rink Printing Company and therefore when you call us we will answer as Rink Printing Company. You will pay Rink Printing Company and Rink Printing Company will ship your products to you. However, our comic-side customer service & prepress staff are all about your industry and will be a valuable resource for you as you work with us.

Our website is not a storefront, but rather a functional collection of pages designed to help all of us communicate together. We’ll let your work be the flash.

We cannot be the fastest or cheapest manufacturer at all times; that’s not what premium is about. But we will make you look good, count on it.

This is the home page of our commercial (non-comic related) website: . Feel free to visit if you are curious.