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814 S. Main Street
South Bend, IN 46601

M-F 8:00-4:30

Pricing information

Notice: The business of premium comic printing has grown greatly for us during the past several years and we are grateful for everyone’s patronage.

Because premium print pricing is most accurate when quoted per project; we will continue to submit bids as competitively as possible, for every project requested of us, but we cannot guarantee adherence to prior price levels or lists.

Our printing is spectacular and quite stunning compared to some of our competitor’s products, but unfortunately, high-end printing costs more to produce and therefore small projects (50-200 books are an example) are more costly to buy when printed as premium, as opposed to general comic printing.

Not every project’s budget can afford premium printing; it is our sincere hope that artists and publishers that can no longer bring every project to us, will find price and production relief with other comic printers in the industry.

Although it is not often that a business refers customers to other competitors, we greatly admire the talents and attitudes of the people we have met and continue to meet, and want everyone to be happy.

Continue to communicate with us about your upcoming projects and we will help you in every manner that we can.